Have you seen the moon tonight?!!

It’s awesome – see above photo taken on July 31, 2015

So we are at the 2nd Full Moon of July this year. This means its a Blue Moon. There is a lot of other planetary stuff going on at the same time. I am certainly no astrologer, but I am most definitely affected by it all. There are 6 planets in retrograde. Basically bringing up lots of old stuff.

Full moons are a time for releasing things that no longer serve you. Anything from a relationship, to a food habit, to a blockage to abundance.

I like to make a list. Each statement usually starts with the words:

“I release…”


I release all that no longer serves me

I release worry about money

I release attachments to outcomes.

So time to tune in, reflect & put that intention out there to release. I usually write my list, go out to the moon at the time it is fullest – 8:42pm, ask for the energy of the full moon to help me release & I repeat my list 3 times. I always pick some crystals to help me as well.

Give it a try, or do your own thing. You can use the energy of the moon to help you in whatever way you desire.

Enjoy xxx