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Kinesiology & Vibrational Healing


Welcome to Jordio Kinesiology!!!

I am consistently inspired, challenged & excited with what you, the client,  can achieve in a single Kinesiology session. 

Through the tool of muscle testing, allows us to talk to all aspects of your being:











We find where things are stored, reveal the layers & connections of subconsious patterning & facilitate you to go from reacting from a space of fear & no choice, to move towards responding from a space of choice, love & resilience.

Alongside doing individual kinesiology sessions & teaching Kinesiology, I am also creating new kinesiology protocols, using the latest research to further facilitate you with your journey.  It is because of that tool of muscle testing & talking to the body, that I am able to create new ways of working with you.


My passion & fulfillment with Kinesiology, is in facilitating you on your path of expansion, balance & growth.

Expansion of your entire being to realize your full potential.

Balancing your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & energetic selves towards wholeness, integration & equilibrium.

Growing towards understanding the exceptional magnificence of you.

Connecting to and embracing your true essence through your heart space

I have a diverse & abundant toolbox of techniques. In each session, we embark on a journey of discovery, exploring which techniques you, as an unique individual require.

We discover blockages to your innate healing powers within. And we all have them!!!!

We look into the who, why, where, what, how & when of an issue & delve into my toolbox to help you clear these blockages.

I look forward to facilitating you with shifting & transmuting on your path of development.

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Monday-Wednesday: 10am – 7pm 


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