Hi, I’m Jordie!

I am queer & genderqueer. My pronouns are they them. I am a Kinesiologist and a Kinesiology teacher.
I am also a photographer, a dancer, a choreographer, a creator, a writer and an activist.

Creating choice, wholeness & resilience.

My path towards Kinesiology has evolved from my desire for creative expression. Creativity is in every cell of my being.

Since I was a kid, with all I have done & still do, I am fascinated by what moves people & how people express.

I came to Kinesiology when I was 38. I had been living in Ireland with my partner at the time. We had a deeply traumatic break up. She is Irish and stayed there. I returned to this continent known as Australia, broke, broken, with a suitcase, no job, no friends, no career path and needing to start over.

I got some help. And I knew I wanted to start again in a career in some kind of natural therapy. I found Kinesiology. By the word, I new it had something to do with how the body moves. I did what I always do. I explored. I researched.

The deeper I researched this modality, the more I realised it incorporated all of my previous experience, as a dancer, choreographer, photographer, I could utilise all my skills in this one modality.

I enrolled. I had never even had a session. I fell in love in the first unit. I knew I would do the entire course, including the Kinesiopractic ®. I did not think I would also become a teacher of Kinesiology, but now that I am, I am as in love with teaching Kinesiology, as I am with the modality.

Kinesiology has helped me unpack many layers of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual traumas. I am able to navigate my life from a space of choice, wholeness & resilience, owning all aspects of myself, and that is all possible, because of kinesiology.

I create a safe space.

Embedded within this modality, by its innate nature, there are possibilities to create infinite pathways to explore how to process, release limiting patterns stored in the body to bring you towards choice, wholeness & resilience.

I learn every day, with my clients and students when I run workshops with the work I have created. And one of the most crucial things I have learned is that not only do we need to explore the internal stuff, we also need awareness and release of the external systems of oppression and how they impact us individually & collectively.

The Welcome Here Project - where LGBTIQ diversity is celebrated
Australian Institute of Kinesiologists - Professional Member