Jordio Kinesiology – with Jordie Slonim | Melbourne, Australia

Kinesiology & Vibrational Healing


Hi, I’m Jordie!

I’m a Kinesiologist and Energy Resilience practitioner, working in Camberwell & Hawthorn.

I use a range of Vibrational Healing techniques, which enables me to go on a journey of exploration with you.

Each of us contain our own innate healing powers

My work is to help you grow, expand and unleash these abilities.

My path towards Kinesiology has evolved from my desire for creative expression.

As a small child, right into adulthood, my creativity was expressed in the form of dance & later into choreography, then art & photography, always with a fascination for what moves people and how people can express through moving.

I have worked in numerous roles and have always strived for an essence of creativity, as well as ways to nurture and heal throughout.

Through Kinesiology, I have found a modality where I can use all of my innate and learned skills to help people to heal themselves.

Kinesiology enables me to go on a journey of exploration with my clients.

I love being challenged & inspired with my clients, seeing them grow, expand and unleash their innate healing powers which reside is each person.

Jordie is a heart based therapist who actively “listens” to what you are saying and what your body is saying.  She helps uncover and identify root causes that are causing issues in a grounded yet intuitive manner. Thank you Jordie – keep up the good work”.


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