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Dealing with Difficult Emotions through Frontal/Occipital Holding

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Frontal Occipital Holding

Can you think of the first physical response you may have when faced with a stress or emotional difficulty?

Do you recoil, do you cry, do you get angry? Do you ever simply put your hand to your forehead? Do you see other people doing this when stressed? It’s actually a very natural gesture that we human beings do when stressed.

It is also a very common tool used in Kinesiology when working through stressful memories, past or future events, emotional traumas.

Frontal occipital (F/O) holding is a very basic Kinesiology technique

It’s utilised  to talk through situations and emotional states. This technique is about giving a new perspective to an old problem.

In Kinesiology, I would place my hand over your forehead. This helps you access your emotional centre and your new and creative thinking.

Do you remember Mum doing this when you were upset or sick?!

It is a very natural healing, nurturing touch.

As an added bonus, in a Kinesiology session, I would place my hand over the base of your skull above the neck.

This area allows you to access your memories and also any blockages you may have about particular situations or events.

When bringing these past memories, traumas, blockages forward to the present, you can become emotionally traumatised again.

The brain triggers the same chemical responses as if real again and new events that trigger a similar response get filed in the same basket.

The F/O holding technique bypasses the extreme emotional cascade

It doesn’t deny the reality, fear or memory, but it allows you to look at it safely, while being plugged into creative, new open awareness.

It allows you to detach from or unhook from the past event and its emotional response from present functioning.

It also helps in acknowledging that things that happened and choices made bring you to a certain place in life. It’s an opportunity to recognise those choices may no longer be appropriate or in your best interest for today and to free yourself from reacting and take a pro active stance instead.

When you realise you do have a choice, you can harness your power of this awareness to make effective change in your own life.

This technique may help with various situations in which you may find yourself, including:

  • Feeling inadequate, unskilled or incapable of taking care of yourself
  • Needing a safe place to distance yourself from something distressing
  • Feeling unable to find a solution to a problem
  • Holding on to something or someone
  • Perpetually worrying
  • Feeling like you have lost your way
  • Feeling challenged
  • Feeling like you have little or no perspective

So if you ever find your self re-living a past event, or going through something in present time that is particularly stressful, stop for a second, put 1 hand on your forehead, the other on the base of your skull.

Talk yourself through it and let yourself be open to the possibility that your stress can be lessened and you can help yourself to heal.

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