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What are you hiding?

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When I’m working with a client in a Kinesiology session, there are certain signs that indicate there’s something your being is trying to hide.

I can feel it when it happens and I have a phrase that comes to mind: “Come out, come out wherever you are!!!!”

Kinesiology is awesome in this way. It won’t let those sneaky hidden issues remain hidden forever.

Sometimes in fact, the body won’t let us move forward, unless that thing is found and dealt with. And it IS safe to let it be revealed because NOTHING will come up in a session unless you’re ready to handle it.

We all have stuff we want to hide, that we want no one else to know about.

How often do we question how this pattern of hiding is serving us?

At some point in the past keeping certain issues hidden served us well, like a protection or defense mechanism. It was something that helped us survive.

However, we do outgrow old patterns like this and eventually they no longer serve us, and can even end up holding us back.

Do you ever find that these things can sometimes creep back into your life and say“Here I am! Deal with me!!!”?

How often do we say, “I don’t want to” or “I have dealt with that already, I don’t wanna go there again” (my favourite) or “I have moved on” or “I have put that behind me”.

This has come up many many times for my Kinesiology clients, friends, relatives and for me as well. The same or similar stuff. There are layers to all of these issues.

You may have done a tonne of work around a particular issue and find that it is still coming back to bite you on the bum over and over again.

One of mine that keeps coming back is everything surrounding the death of my grandmother when I was 11 years old. We all have them.

I feel so so honoured and passionate about my work, the more I practice and learn about Kinesiology.

One of the reasons why I absolutely love working with Kinesiology, not only for myself, but with my clients as well, is because Kinesiology explores every aspect of you to find the root cause of the issue and clear it from that level, to clear that layer.

This aspect may be emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual, nutritional, structural, stress related, to name a few, or any combination of aspects.

I have at my disposal a wonderful, ever-expanding range of tools that I use to help uncover the priority issues to clear for you as an individual, to help you resolve these layers of issues, including what may be hidden, either consciously or subconsciously.

The Meridian System

meridian-channelsOne of the tools used in some form in almost every balancing tool in the Kinesiology toolbox, is working with the meridian system.

Kinesiology uses principles of Chinese medicine to find where things are stored in your being, to explore what to do about them and how to go about clearing things up.

One of the main principles of Chinese medicine and Kinesiology is working with meridian lines: invisible lines of energy running through your entire being.

We have 14 main meridians. Twelve are connected to individual organs, muscles, emotional states, foods, amongst other things. Six of these 12 are related to yin energy and six to yang energy. The other two are like reservoirs, one for the six yin and one for the six yang meridians.

These meridian lines can be used to enhance our energy and vitality and help clear your issues.

There are numerous Kinesiology techniques to help you:

  • Experience energy shifts, to relieve pain where there may be an aspect of you that might be resisting feeling relief from pain, or where you may be resisting relief from emotional issues.
  • For jet lag, for shift workers or if you wake at 4:00am every night to use the bathroom or feel the need for sugar or caffeine at a certain time.
  • These issues can remain hidden because they happen at a certain time. Kinesiology has ways to reveal them so they can be dealt with.
  • Calm, ground and centre yourself and allow you to improve concentration when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Express something you may be hiding, so that it’s no longer a stress for you to do so.

These are just a handful of methods we can employ to help you in a Kinesiology session using the depth of the energies in Meridian Lines.

So ask yourself…

Am I ready to deal with my stuff? Even the stuff that is hidden?

If the answer is YES then contact Jordie for more information or book your Kinesiology session now!

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